For the last 20 years, I have worked with and succeeded in creating growth in companies.

I am now looking for new challenges as investor and/or board member. I prefer being smart money and going all in - contributing with my knowledge and experience with user journeys and digital concepts; with leadership, communication and rhetoric. And with enhancing business acumen in the

My background:
I have built two companies (one in IT, digitization and user journeys and one in communication and consulting) - one of them awarded the Gazelle growth prize several times (with a growth rate of 90-100% per year) and succeeding in becoming an approved vendor for Novo, Ørsted, Velux and several
danish government agencies.

I have built networks for growth entrepreneurs to ensure their continued growth. I have taught entrepreneurship, management and leadership at universities. I have helped implement new strategies for growth, profit maximizing and sales in large organizations. I have been advisor for small and medium sized companies - helping with go-tomarked-strategies, strategic brand positioning, strategic sales and general management.

And I now work as an investor and strategic advisor, still owning the two companies that I started.
My expertise is mainly business development, strategic sales, stakeholder management, strategic communication, leadership, digitization strategy, strategic positioning, and general management.
I have worked with top companies in Europe, USA, Russia and the Arabic countries (among others Nordea, Novozymes, Novo Nordisk, Danske Bank, FL Smidt, Cembrit, IO Interactive, SOBI, GN Resound and Maersk) in leadership, motivational communication, downsizing/turn-around communication, behavioural communication, strategy implementation, distance  management, persuasiveness, tactical rhetoric and change communication. Working closely with executive managements, boards and mid-level managers to achieve the desired goal.

Key competences

Business development and leadership

Heading companies for many years has given me insights into and experience with the day-to-day challenges of a company. And I am especially strong within business acumen – I know how all parts of a company contributes  to the strategic success.

I have a very strong all-round knowledge of legislation, HR, marketing, sales, budgets, PR and using my own communication and change management tools on my own team. Combined with my work as consultant for large, complex corporations and as an investor it has given me hands-on experience with evaluating a company and finding strategic gaps and opportunities, that needs to be bridged and exploited.

Strategic communication and storytelling

I have in almost all my recent jobs worked with bringing strategies to life. I am an expert in the storytelling around the strategy and how to link strategy to the daily decisions and initiatives. And I have played a core role in quite a few strategic changes for my clients while a consultant. I have long and thorough experience in leadership training and advising: how to communicate the change both internally and externally.   

Stakeholder management and networking

Networking, building trust, knowing the right people and maintaining good relations on behalf of the company is to me essential. I am a strong networker and have always been excellent at drinking the right coffee at the right time with the right people. And my network covers c-level in the biggest companies, danish politicians, directors and decision makers in Ministries and government agencies, university professors, people in the (mainly incoming) tourist industry, financial CEOs, entrepreneurs and communication and IT specialists.   

Digitalization strategy and user journeys

Happy customers are the key to success. Which calls for efficient user journeys. Often at least partial digital. Customers, employees and colleagues have come to expect digital solutions when in contact with a company. From online information and booking to intranets. Imagine Covid19 without access to email, Zoom, Teams etc. Working with digitalization at the IT University for 13 years – together with lots of case companies, has given me a strong understanding of how to digitalize concepts and enhance user journeys.